Final Project Idea

29 Mar 2022

In collaboration with Devin, Timothy, and Grayson


The problem: When college students register for classes, they may not know what classes to take at the same time or what classes to take in general. Although advisors and colleges provide sample pathways, they may not be the most straightforward or are too general for students who aren’t familiar with the classes. Students often rely on their peers to get advice on which combination of classes to take and which to avoid, but as a freshman you don’t know that many people and as a older college student, there are less people that have taken those classes that you can ask advice for (aka because they’ve graduated).

The solution: A community-based application for students to systematically share exactly which classes they took each semester and their experiences in these classes. By providing a common space for students to talk about their experiences, rate various classes and networking opportunities (i.e. clubs) they’ve taken, future students will have an easier time deciding what classes or clubs or opportunities to do concurrently. By going through other people’s profiles, students can create a pathway that’s suitable for themselves.


Once a profile is created, others can browse the profiles filtered by majors to find similar pathways to mimic. Once a pathway is found, users can save these profiles to refer to later.

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